HEA/SPA Alumni Survey 


     Before the 2013/2014 academic year the Higher Education Administration Department surveyed our alumni to gain insight on the current status of the field of Higher Education. Alumni listed the most important issues facing the profession in the next 5 years, bringing several themes to light.

      Out of the many themes, most responses happened to be centered on finances (Funding, Government Loans, Debt, Tuition, and Cost to the Student/School) and Retention (Minorities, Grade Inflation, Student/Faculty Responsibility, and Persistence to Graduation).

Our survey population spanned over 5 decades. The earliest alumni graduated in 1972 and there was even a response from an alumni who graduated just the previous year.

Additional Study Topics: 

     We asked our alumni what topics we should include in our curriculum as electives. The top three that emerged are:

  • Retention
  • Training and Leadership Development 
  • Politics in Higher Education 

     We also asked what, if any, certificates would you like to see the Higher Education Administration department offer, the top two are:

  • Assessment 
  • Grant Writing 

The Survey Population

     It encapsulated a number of different professional areas from across higher education including counseling, advisement, and specialty areas such as a TRIO, Athletics and EOP. Those individuals who are not working in the field of higher education found themselves working in non-profit establishments as well as other education fields such as primary and secondary schools. 

Where are our alumni and
what are they doing?

Where are our alumni?

      Our alumni are all over the field of higher education. From small religious schools to research institutions, our alumni are spreading the knowledge and experience gained from the program wherever they go.

  • Of the alumni that responded 70% of the graduates of the Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs program are still in the field of higher education. 

  • 75% of the 70% that are working in higher education are working for a public institution.

  • Just under 20% of responders currently work at a Community College. 

  • About 25% of our alumni who responded work at a doctoral university. 

  • Which leaves 55% of our alumni responders working at a comprehensive institution. 

  • 40% of that 55% work at a public comprehensive institution.


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What are our
alumni doing?

     As a student in the Higher
Education Administration
Department, you may be
wondering what kind of
position you can interview
for upon graduation.
Here is a list of
positions that our
alumni currently hold:


  • Web/Social Media Editor
  • Vice President for Development
  • Director of First Year Advisement
  • Director of Admissions
  • Senior Financial Aid Advisor
  • Assistant Dean of Students
  • Residence Director
  • Associate Events Manager
  • Coordinator of Student Service
  • EOP Coordinator
  • Director of the Student Union
  • Counselor
  • TRIO Specialist
  • Director of Campus Life
  • Study Abroad Advisor
  • Director, Multicultural Affairs
  • Director of Assessment Programs
  • Asst. Com.- NCAA III Athletics

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