The Higher Education Administration Department (HEA) and the Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration (HESAA) program at Buffalo State is committed to preparing exceptional scholars and practitioners with knowledge, skills, competencies and an ethic of care needed for sound professional practice in the twenty-first century.

As integral contributors to the teaching, research, and service mission of the academy, our graduates will possess the openness and ability to advocate for full and equal participation of all members in post secondary educational settings to facilitate learning and development.

What Students Learn

The program provides students with the theoretical background and practical experience for professional work in many higher education areas. The academic program includes an overview of knowledge, practice, assessment strategies, and administrative procedures related to institutions of higher education.

You can choose from one of four concentrations:

  • Administration
  • Community Education
  • Counseling and Student Development
  • Research and Evaluation

After completing two 150 hour required internships, you’ll graduate with experience, giving you a leading edge in today’s job market. Students have interned in large universities as well as small colleges all across the world.

Graduate Catalog



HESAA courses are designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the field of higher education and the profession of student affairs. Courses also have relevance for those attracted who plan to work at community agencies, health systems, and human resource management offices.

Course Descriptions

The Degree

Learning Outcomes 

1. Multicultural Competence

2. Fundamental Skills

3. Generating and Using Data

4. Foster Research Skills

5. Leadership

6. Integrative Learning - Collaborative Work Combining Analytical and Experiential Learning

7. An Examined Life/Promoting Commitment to Lifelong Learning

8. Professional Foundations/Studies

9. Student Development Theory

10. Teaching and Learning

For an in depth look at the Learning Outcomes Click Here

Higher Education Administration

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